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Summer School 2024 in Trondheim – we are ready!

The current MOTIVATE! year is coming to an end, but the prospects are good: our second international Summer School specifically for student teachers will take place from September 2-6, 2024! after last year’s Summer School in Berlin, this year’s will take place at NTNU in Trondheim.


(source: Miriam Kost)

A total of 15 students from TU Berlin will be traveling to Trondheim, including the current MOTIVATE! students. We will spend a week exploring the topic of “21st century skills in education”. With an exciting program we want to find out: What does school and education look like in the 21st century? What has changed since we attended school ourselves? What kind of world do our students live in and what challenges does this place on schools and on us as teachers? What skills do we need? How do we get them and what opportunities does the future hold for us and our future classroom?

We are super excited and looking forward to our international Summer School 2024!