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We are very pleased that you would like to participate in our program. Please complete the form below to apply. Your details will help us to find the best possible matching partner for you. You will soon get a confirmation that your application has been received. What next? We will contact you after the end of the application period (June 2023) to let you know whether you can participate.

The last deadline for applications is June 10th for the 2023-2024 program term.

The deadline has already passed? Contact us anyway, so we can put you on a list and contact you as soon as the application period for the new program term (2024-2025) starts.

Application form



    First name

    Birth date


    Email address

    Institution (University)

    Subject you will teach later on

    Type of school you will teach at later on

    Grade level and age of the students you will teach later on

    Current semester

    Expected graduation date


    Special study interests

    Further qualifications

    Practical work experiences

    Language skills


    Further language skills

    Please write a short text (min. 1500 characters) and tell us:

    * What motivates you to participate in MOTIVATE! ?
    * What do you expect from participating in MOTIVATE! ?
    * What are your previous international or intercultural experiences?