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Hello guys,

Welcome to an insight in Tandem 3, with Hannah, Eline and Caspar.

We met for the first time in a Zoom-meeting on Saturday, 21th of October at 10 AM. Everyone met – even Hannah, who lives in Australia with a different time-zone. At our meeting we mainly tried to get to know each other, as well as doing the obligatory administrative tasks; such as creating the Tandem Agreement. Also, we distributed responsibility in the group. Hannah is responsible for creating Zoom-links for our meetings, Caspar responsible for delivering our work that we do on our meetings, and Eline is writing logs and noting down the important dates in our WhatsApp-group. Additionally, we did some get-to-know each other activities – which was reallyfun! Now, let’s take a look at what we learned about each other.

Caspar is studying Cultural and Educational Sciences in Germany. He chose this degree as it reflects his interests in social studies and education. His animal of choice is the lion, as it is his star sign. He also believes The Lion King to be one of the best movies for kids!









(source: https://www.pinterest.de/pin/408279522470065126/)

Another member of our team is Hannah. She is studying High School Teaching in English Literature in Australia. She chose this major as she has a passion for the arts! The duck is her chosen animal as she aspires to be as tranquil as they are.









(source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mallard)

Our final member is Eline. She is studying to be a Teacher in History and Physical Education in Norway. She chose these subjects as she is fascinated by historical stories and because she loves to be active. Birds are her choice of animal as she admires their ability to fly and see the world!

(source: https://www.forskning.no/fugler-evolusjon/trekkfugler-sparer-energi-pa-a-fly-tusenvis-av-kilometer/269096)

This activity really helped us to get a short and also funny insight into the lives of each other. It was a warm start that helped us to start conversation and find similar interests. What we found out is that Hannah and Eline study to become a teacher and Caspar doesn’t because the focus of his studies lies on education, but not necessarily teaching.

A big advantage of our tandem group is that we are three. We have the opportunity to get to know one more person than usual and their country! Due to the time difference it was a bit difficult to schedule our tandem meetings in the beginning, but we managed to find a way that fits for all of us. After our last meeting we felt really motivated to continue our work together.

We are looking forward to the next sessions!