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What is the aim of school? Hear about Ragna's, Bavithira's and Sophie's answers, questions and ideas

“To educate”, was Sophie’s first thought. But how is this answer helping to structure and orientate one’s teaching? It is not really an aim. And if it is, it can only be measured by grading. By asking about the aim of school, Ragna and Bavi had the same thought: To become a well-educated citizen. This must be a narrative in Norwegian schools. But how is this omnipresent narrative implemented? It is no separate subject and there is no specific teacher or lesson appointed to teach it. It is in everything the teachers do. It is in every lesson and subject. It is the compass for their teaching. So, what could poor Sophie do? If the school system does not have a narrative, why not creating one for one’s own teaching? Maybe this own narrative will only be a compass to the teaching of one teacher, but maybe it inspires other teachers or an entire school or the whole school system. Aims of school discussed during the Workshop were placement, qualification, and inclusion. In our triple tandem exchange, we talked about how inclusion can be implemented in one’s teaching. Inclusion can not be taught in a single lesson. As a teacher it is important to show inclusion by being inclusive in regular curriculum lessons on a day-by-day basis. Here we show some examples of how this can be done:

Let yourself be inspired,
Bavi, Ragna & Sophie