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Learn about Digital Competencies together with Bavithira, Mariam and Lena

We are Bavithira, Mariam and Lena from Norway, Germany and Switzerland. Today we are talking about the topic, Digital Competence.



This is a website and an app that you can use to create books online. It works nicely as a presentation platform that you can use as a teacher. You can give the pupils access to the books so they can have a look at them anytime. You can also make personalized books for the pupils. The pupils can easily create books there as well. Or you can have a look at the books other people have made and use them, the books are sorted by grade as well as subject.



Slido is an online interactive polling and questions platform that allows teachers to directly interact with a class, both in the classroom and online. From multiple-choice questions to word clouds, there are many options to allow for the collection of individual opinions on a class-wide scale. That makes this a tool to both teach with and collect feedback about class processes and understanding within subjects.



This is another website that can be used to make animation videos and presentations. This can also be used by the teachers and the pupils. You have access to different sceneries, a variety of characters and you can add different speech bubbles.


Robot Programming

An example of digital learning for pupils: There are vehicles, which the pupils can program and therefore teach them what they should do. With their iPad, they can program the cars to drive, turn or even draw. The children dive in and learn that there is so much more to learn behind the digital world.


Digital Drawing

Another example of digital learning for teachers: if you have a picture in mind, which explains a topic exactly how you wanted it to, you can draw it on the iPad. In the classroom, you connect your iPad to the beamer and show the children what you have drawn. As you explain, you can further draw and explain more.


Lastly, we want to invite you to play a game. You have to flee from the sharks and eat as many crumbs as possible. HAVE FUN!! 😉 Click here to play

Thank you for reading our blog. 🙂 Best wishes Bavithira, Mariam, and Lena