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Exploring the second workshop topic "21st century teacher skills" together with Anne, Jelle and Ronja

The second workshop of the MOTIVATE! program focused on 21st century teacher skills. In that respect, we were introduced to the OECD Learning Compass, a project which aims to identify the competence students will need in the future to thrive and shape the world. In doing so, it is helping countries with exploring and identifying values, skills, knowledge and attitudes students will need to meet their potential and contribute to both the planet and their local communities.

As future teachers, identifying the competence that is crucial for our students to inhabit in the future is vitally important. Being aware of this will help teachers with shaping their teaching around these skills and competences, to make sure the students acquire them.

During our last house session, we shared ideas about what we think the future would be like, and what we should focus on as teachers to help prepare our pupils for it.

A lot of the things we discussed were the same things highlighted in the OECD Learning Compass. For example, the importance of fostering creativity, social skills, and digital competences, to name a few. In our tandems we then had the task to think about it and discuss the concept.

Fortunately, since we were all studying in the same country, we met at the university for this. We spent our time not only talking about our tasks. Moreover, we just had a really nice time together! Drinking coffee, talking about our teacher education programs, sharing experiences and getting travel tips. That’s what the MOTIVATE program is also all about: Meeting new people and exchanging ideas.


Anne, Jelle, Ronja