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Ragna and Sophie reflect on our first workshop topic "Intercultural Communication"

MOTIVATE! is a program to link international teacher students. It provides a platform for the exchange of our experiences, knowledge and visions. The workshops confront us with relevant, up-to-date and inevitable topics as a becoming teacher and give us impulses for thoughts and for personal growth.

With increasing diversity in today’s classrooms, the first workshop presented the topic “intercultural communication” to us. Understanding how deeply culture influences our behaviors and thoughts towards others is vital to guarantee uplifting cross-cultural conduct. A valuable lesson that we took from the workshop, is to remember that people have different points of view and
experiences regarding the way they communicate. Communication can vary in terms of greetings, body language or conversation topics. Intercultural communication can be rewarding and bring joy and excitement and if we have an open mind upon meeting new people from other cultures, we can count that as an achievement towards our communications skills.

One of our tasks during the workshop was to fill in an ABC of cultural competence by naming an attitude, skill or knowledge necessary for cross-cultural communication for each letter of the alphabet. We wondered what part we can play in this task and tried to make this more personal.


R for respect

A for acceptance

G for growth

N for navigation

A for adaptability


S for sensitivity

O for optimism

P for patience

H for humility

I for real interest

E for enthusiasm


Ponder our choices. Do you think these things are as important as we do? Or do you find different words that suite you better? We would love for you to think about your part in “intercultural communication” as well. Write your name on a piece of paper and fill out your letters. Let yourself be inspired.



Ragna & Sophie