• Posted by: MOTIVATE team

Breaking news: The time has come – our Tandems are ready!

After the receipt of many great applications from our three universities and an intensive matching process, we are pleased to announce that six teams have been formed in which students from TU Berlin (Germany), PH FHNW (Switzerland) and NTNU (Norway) will start the first programme run of MOTIVATE! in September 2022.

We would like to thank all applicants who sent us very motivated applications and showed their great interest. We are looking very much forward to be able to offer even more places next year.

There are only a few weeks left until the first meeting. We asked some students what their expectations are starting into MOTIVATE!. Here’s what they said:

„I am looking forward to get to know a new person. Having discussions and the exchange of perspectives excites me. Hopefully the discussions will give me a new perspective for my future work as a teacher and maybe I can also build a new friendship throughout the time.“

Niklas Volkmann, TU Berlin student


„Digitalization has been neglected in classrooms all over the world. During the pandemic we could experience how it helps to connect people, enables us to communicate and collaborate with one another from home and offered an insight in new and more mobile ways of teaching and studying. I am stoked to be part of a think tank to learn about and discuss future skills in the fields of education in a continuously diverse environment and to connect with international players sharing the same interest.“

Anna Ryf, PH FHNW student


„I am looking forward to discuss and reflect about interculturality and school. To learn about the similarities and differences between the countries, which in turn will challenge my own experiences and standpoint. It will be a wonderful learning experience that will inform and guide me as a teacher. I am simultaneously looking forward to meet the people, get to know them and improve my English (and perhaps even my German). I reckon this project will be a fun and educational experience.“

Bavithira Kuganeriappan, NTNU student

You missed the registration, but would also like to become part of MOTIVATE! ? Drop us a line via our contact form and we’ll keep you posted on when the registration period for MOTIVATE! 2023-2024 starts.